Кошка-зима. Умная, смелая и вежливая (zuiki) wrote,
Кошка-зима. Умная, смелая и вежливая

"И Великобритания вдруг с удивлением узнала, что она больше не мировая держава"

I have lived for extended periods now in three countries. For the first eighteen years in England, where I absorbed the facts -- uncontrovertible ones -- that the English were Top People, hand-picked by God to rule the world, and that all the natives were so grateful to us for doing the dirty work of ruling them; that it was our unpleasant, but bound and Christian duty, to spread out over the world, dispensing the British way of life.
With this state in mind firmly fixed, I then spent seven years studying and living in Germany. Here it was gradually, and I mus say rather painfully, borne upon me that I had been criminally misled, and that the poor, deluded English were mistaken in believing themselves the cream of the crop. All the time it was the Germans who were the chosen people; talented, fleissig, noble, and supremely fitted to govern the lesser breeds, in which God-given destiny the nefarious, perfidious British had frustrated them. So, I allowed as how the Germans were quite right about their being owners of the best country the world had yet produced, and I may say this fitted in very well with my own plans, as I had quite decided to marry one of them, and it was nice to know that I could go right on being one of the Top People.
Now comes the extraordinary coincidence. Though still decided to marry my German, circumstances made it desirable, nay, inevitable, that we emigrate to the New World. We settled down as best we could, and as soon as we began to peer around us it became perfectly obvious that the poor Germans had to join the poor British as victims of the hallucination that they had been called upon to lead. Why, by gosh, all the time it had been the United States.
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