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Квиз: Кайнда юЖЖерпик

А на случайной картинке у них
Random Pictures
You're a Random Picture someone just concocted
because, hey its darn pretty. But that doesn't
mean you're not special or even irelevant, it
means you're even more unique! You are
confident and although sometimes people dont
seem to get your drift, you know its because
they're too slow for you. Hey, stuff the themes
man, life's too short to stick to one look!

What Kind of LiveJournal Icon are You?
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Точно, хочу юзерпик с рыбкой.
С мобилкой.
С чашкой чая.
С нотками.
И с кинопленкой.
И с Юки еще, да.
Проблема ведь не в том, с чем, а в том, вместо чего =)
Нужен перманентный аккаунт, ага.
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